Video Episode 08 – Chrono Trigger with Nick Limon

Writer, reader, Rebel Alliance leader, and IGN Video Producer Nick Limon came on the show to discuss potentially the greatest JRPG of all time in Chrono Trigger (1995) originally for the SNES.

Nick and Conner play through the first 40ish minutes of the game and discuss the beautiful visuals, take a look at the battle system’s unique quirks, and get acquainted with a few main characters that you’ll see throughout the game.

The Show – @callmebyyourgamepod (Instagram)
Nick Limon – @adventnick (Instagram/Twitter)
Conner McCabe – @conner_mccabe (Instagram/Twitter)
Jeremy Schmidt – @ocarinaofcrime (Insta) @scaremyschmidt (Twit)

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