Preview: Co-op Episode 3: Final Fantasy X

Welcome to the preview of Call Me By Your Game Co-op Episode 3 featuring Final Fantasy X. Co-op episodes are monthly patreon exclusive episodes from Super NPC Radio, our little video game podcast network. They’re a part of the $10 DJ Toad Tier but we will bring a preview of each episode to the traditional feed. They’re more of a deep dive look from a group on a particular game focusing mostly on what we love and what works best for the game. Enjoy!

Back in 2001 the world was introduced to Zanarkand. Now, twenty years later, Conner McCabe (4D Printer, UCB, Dave and Bruce) Jake Sprague (Unsolicited Advice, UCB PONY), Oscar Montoya (Spanish Aqui Presents, Bless The Heart), and Kristin Thorson (Twitch, Jeff and Them) do a deep dive discussion on what made Final Fantasy X so special.

On episode 3 of Call Me By Your Game Co-op, Conner is joined by 2 returning champions and newcomer / FFX scholar Kristin Thorson. They discuss not only how they all experienced FFX for the first time and how it differed from previous Final Fantasy games. They dive into the fun of filling out the sphere grid, exploration of themes such as institutionalized religion and what comes with it, gush about how fresh and fantastic the battle system is, and so much more. Tidus and the gang would be proud of this episode’s guardians for making this such a great hang

Episode Show Notes

Kristin Thorson –, @lolkristin (twitter) @iamkreestin (instagram)
Oscar Montoya – Podcasts (Inside the Disney Vault, Spanish Aqui Presents) TV (Bless the Hearts on Fox, Final Space on TBS) @ozzymo (twitter/insta)
Jake Sprague –, Unsolicited Advice podcast, @jakesprague (twitter) @jakeissupercool (instagram)
Conner McCabe – @conner_mccabe (twitter/insta),
Produced by Jeremy Schmidt – Video Games: a Comedy Show
Call Me By Your Game – Website
Instagram – @callmebyyourgamepod
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