Episode 40 – X-Men with Jeff Topolski

Get your fricken costumes, baseball bats, and candy ready because it’s October, baby! This month we’re celebrating all things October. That’s right, Halloween is sitting shotgun as our episodes will feature scary zombies, funny zombies, baseball, and the X-Men. They’re still a popular choice for Halloween costumes… right? October is about more than just Halloween. So that’s why we’re mixing it up. That… or we belatedly decided it was a good opportunity to do some themed stuff…

On the first October season episode of Call Me By Your Game we welcome retired improviser, future boy band leader, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer Jeff Topolski to the show to discuss X-Men on the Sega Genesis. Jeff and Conner sing their praises for the Hollywood pipeline that is Fort Collins Colorado and reminisce on some great UCB sketch comedy memories. Jeff also discusses being a new member of the Nintendo Switch family, talks about thinking he had beaten X-Men when he really only finished the 3rd level, and remembers how this game was a great arm in the X-Men franchise during the early 90’s.

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