Episode 28 – XCOM: Enemy Unknown with Cody Ziglar

TV Writer, podcast phenom, and Twitter Juggernaut Cody Ziglar came on the show to talk about a number of things including the 2012 turn based tactical strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

On this episode Zig discusses how he enjoyed customizing his XCOM teams and give them backstories, tells of the time when the game was a respite while working his first job in LA, and how the game allows the player the space to try different strategies throughout it.

Website: callmebyyourgame.com
The Show – @callmebyyourgamepod (Instagram)
Zig – @yayforzig (Instagram/Twitter), The Dark Weeb Podcast, ChristopherOdd (XCOM YouTube)
Conner McCabe – @conner_mccabe (Gram/Twit), twitch.tv/conziscool69
Jeremy Schmidt – Video Games: a Comedy Show, @ocarinaofcrime (Insta) @scaremyschmidt (Twit)

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