Episode 27 – Final Fantasy VIII with David Donnella

Improviser, writer, and the computeriest hunk ever David Donnella came on the show to discuss one of the more creative and weird games of all time, Final Fantasy VIII, and the former Philly improv king himself did not disappoint.

David tells Conner how he actually got this game by mistake when he was hoping for FFVII, how he shared the journey of this game with his sister Sarah, and gives a professor quality lesson of the junction system. The two dive into that and so much more on this great hang of an episode.

We’re continuing to encourage our listeners to take action for the Black Lives Matter movement, so below are the actions and resources for the week.

  • Write your own emails, and make your own calls.
  • Organize your resources and make time to review them
    • Save posts to a collection on Instagram. Make a google doc. Carve out time to address your resources.
  • Nintendo cannot say whether or not their policy to avoid the use prison labor is effective.
  • Learn about and call for the defunding of police
    • Defund12.org – contact your city council members, research your cities budget, and call for the defunding of the police
  • The Okra Project – helps bring Black Trans people healthy, nutritious, and culturally specific meals, especially those experiencing food insecurity

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