Episode 18 – Final Fantasy VII with Jeremy Schmidt

You like blonde spiky hair and big swords? Oh, we’ve got blonde spikey hair and big swords.

On the eve of release of the long awaited release of its remake, we present to you the Final Fantasy VII episode of this podcast. Already excited? Well wouldn’t you know it our guest for this episode is none other than the pod producing legend himself, the great Jeremy Schmidt.

On this episode Conner and Jeremy discuss the influence of video games on other creative outlets, talk about how Jeremy first played this game WITHOUT a memory card, and of course can’t help but reference the remake which is finally about to be released. You can’t miss this episode where Jeremy finally gets a mic and shares some awesome stuff.

Website: callmebyyourgame.com
The Show – @callmebyyourgamepod (Instagram)
Conner McCabe – @conner_mccabe (Gram/Twit) twitch.tv/conziscool69
Jeremy Schmidt – @ocarinaofcrime (Insta) @scaremyschmidt (Twit)

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