Ep.74 – Catan Classic with Meg Joh

You like board games? You like when board games are turned into video games? You like it even better when one is turned into a mobile game? Then this game is for you! On today’s episode of Call Me By Your Game, Conner is joined by football star, sketch captain, and cool aunt Meg Joh. For the first time ever we’re discussing a mobile game! Look at us!

On this episode Meg discusses her love for the mobile version of the ever-popular board game Settlers of Catan. She also discusses getting into the original board game during quarantine, talks about rules that her and her pod would add to the game to make it even more fun, and shares about how Catan Classic helps her to deal with anxiety. Listen away, settlers!

Actions and Resources for 6/16/2021

Ways to help Palestine during the ongoing assault by Israel’s Govt.
Support the Breathe Act
Get Involved Locally – LA Organizations to Consider:
Streetwatch LAGround Game LAWaterDrop LASelah
James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time – Free eBook PDF
Okra Project – Providing Culturally Nutritious meals for Black Trans people

Show Notes

Meg Joh – TwitterWild Improv TwitchWild TwitterWild InstagramForever Babe podcast
Conner McCabe – Twittertwitch.tv/conziscool69
Produced by Jeremy Schmidt – Video Games: a Comedy Show
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