Ep.71 – Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide with Anna Salinas

Together, we’ll be brave! And who better to have by your side and become brave than the wonderful tv writer, comic artist, and Sarasota FL legend Anna Salinas. Today Anna joins as a guest to discuss Humongous Entertainment’s Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It’s Dark Outside.

On this episode longtime buds Conner and Anna discuss the video games industries advertising tendencies when they grew up in the 90s, Anna recalls this game being bought for her little brother when in reality her mom played it religiously, and how they would bring their family laptop on their summer vacations to see Anna’s family in Sweden and play the game series on loop.

Actions and Resources for 5/26/2021

Ways to help Palestine during the ongoing assault by Israel’s Govt.
Support the Breathe Act
Get Involved Locally – LA Organizations to Consider:
Streetwatch LAGround Game LAWaterDrop LASelah
James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time – Free eBook PDF
Okra Project – Providing Culturally Nutritious meals for Black Trans people

Show Notes

Anna Salinas – BadcomixWebsiteJohn Baxter Comedy
Conner McCabe – Twittertwitch.tv/conziscool69
Produced by Jeremy Schmidt – Video Games: a Comedy Show
Call Me By Your Game – InstagramTwitterYouTube
Super NPC Radio – PatreonTwitterInstagramTwitch

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