Video Episode 1 – Donkey Kong Country with Elle Eckley

On the first video episode your host Conner has on Elle Eckley to play Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. This video features some of the early levels in the game as our two participants discuss what holds up well about it, the best animal buddies, and discover that someone(we won’t say who) actually enjoys the mine cart levels.
Listen to the audio podcast here!

Produced by Jeremy Schmidt

Instagram: @callmebyyourgamepod
Conner McCabe: @conner_mccabe (Instagram and Twitter)
Elle Eckley: @elleeckley (Instagram and Twitter)
Jeremy Schmidt: @scaremyschmidt (Instagram) ocarinaofcrime (Twitter)

One Reply to “Video Episode 1 – Donkey Kong Country with Elle Eckley”

  1. Mike B.

    This is definitely the greatest game of my childhood, maybe even my life. That opening intro? Nostalgia 😍, even got the whole song on my iTunes lol

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