Episode 42 – Dead Rising with Patrick Ehlers

Before AMC’s the Walking Dead took the world by storm and made zombies hip as heck there was a video game that blazed the trail first and that is Dead Rising (2007) for the Xbox 360. Patric Ehlers, Mario lover and 1 of 2 great hosts of the fantastic podcast Nintendo Cartridge Society, joins us to talk about how he came to love that game for the first time.

Patrick tells Conner about being an RD at Lawrence College in Wisconsin and how that led to hanging out and playing games with many students at his dorm. He dives into the story of a friend ended up hooking up their Xbox 360 in his room to play this game and how that lead to it becoming a communal activity for Patrick and anyone who would drop by the room. He also discusses how this was a great, early open world game that allowed the player to lose themselves in Frank West.

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Show Notes

Patrick Ehlers – Nintendo Cartridge Society (podcast), Same Day Shipping (podcast) Twitter @patrickehlers
Conner McCabe – @conner_mccabe (twitter/insta), twitch.tv/conziscool69
Produced by Jeremy Schmidt – Video Games: a Comedy Show
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