Episode 37 – Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley with Bryce Gangel

What the heck in this world is more relaxing than farming relationship simulation games? Nothing I tell ya! Nothing! Games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley hold a similar place in people’s hearts because of their play styles and relaxing nature. On this episode actor and work confidant Bryce Gangel talks to Conner about her connection with those two games.

Bryce reminisces about how fun it was to play Harvest Moon 64 at her friend’s house growing up who she first bonded with after seeing the Parent Trap in theaters together. Umm… adorable! She tells how years later after not really playing video games a friend introduced her to Stardew Valley and the void was suddenly filled. She walks Conner through the ins and outs of Stardew Valley explaining how it incorporates several real world elements both in theme and in reality.

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