Episode 32 – Return of the Obra Dinn with Tao Yang

Ahoy mateys! We’re boarding an old vessel in search of mystery. We’re also doing a podcast while aboard the ship so bear with us as we look for the most conducive place to record. Quiet on deck please!

On this episode we are joined by sketch writer, slick improviser, and former New York City boy Tao Yang to talk about the relatively new mystery puzzle game, Return of the Obra Dinn. By his own admission Tao has played nearly game ever, so you know this one is gonna be good. You just KNOW it!

While discussing this episode one of the bad boys of Jetset Tao tells of the time his brother taught him how to do a Hadoken in Street Fighter II, Conner attempts to come up with a game Tao hasn’t played, and Tao shares how this game was more of a summer romance than a long term relationship.

Action Items for the Week

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