Episode 30 – Baseball Spotlight Part I – Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. with Conner McCabe

Welcome to the first of a special four part baseball games spotlight from Call My By Your Game. During this series your host Conner will be joined by a guest host for a series of episodes and discuss several standout baseball video games from the past and one currently thriving. The four episodes will be released every 3 weeks beginning with this one as Major League Baseball resumes play.

On this episode former guest and current gentleman Mikey Stephens takes the helm and interviews Conner about the game that came bundled with his Nintendo 64, Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. (1998). On this episode Mikey shares the story of how during elementary school he got to star in a Seattle PSA with Junior himself, how at first for Conner receiving this game for Christmas felt like getting socks, and how this game kick-started his love for Baseball video games.

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-Reminder: more people have been arrested for protesting Breonna Taylor’s murder than have been arrested for killing her. Seems like the most open and shut situation but the fact that there is no justice for her STILL shows the gravity of the situation.

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