Ep.67 – Final Fantasy VI with Mike Steele

Sure, Final Fantasies I-V are cool, but number VI? Now we’re talking baby. On this momentous episode of Call Me By Your Game, Cowboy Mike referenced in episode 5 by Jake Sprague makes his long waited appearance on the podcast. Mike Steele, best friend to Jake and developer on the upcoming indie game Olli Olli World, joins Conner to discuss one of the best and most revered games of all time in Final Fantasy VI.

On this episode Mike dives into a deep and storied video game past and also talks about how they have always been an important part of his life, he walks us through Jake changing his life by letting him borrow FFVI, and talks about how in high school giving a girl a poem that “he wrote” when in fact it was actually just ripped from Celes’ lines in the famous Opera scene from this game.

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Show Notes

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