Ep.56 – Pokémon Stadium with Paige Elson

We’ve had one round yes, but what about second round? (you know, like the 2nd breakfast quote from the Lord of the Rings? …I’m sorry) On this week’s episode we’re discussing a groundbreaking game on the Nintendo 64 that brought our Pokémon to life. We’re joined by podcast host, writer, actor, and 209 standout Paige Elson to discuss Pokémon Stadium (2000).

Paige dives into the experience that was attending her aunt’s day care growing up where many kids lobbied for time on the group N64 and shares about her Nintendo experiences over the years. Regarding Pokémon Stadium, Paige and Conner go down the list of amazing mini-games, Conner recalls the struggle of going up against the most difficult battles using rental Pokémon, and Paige reminisces playing different N64 with her cousin and her mom.

Actions and Resources for 2/10/2021

Get Involved Locally – LA Organizations to Consider:
Streetwatch LAGround Game LAWaterDrop LASelah
James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time – Free eBook PDF
Okra Project – Providing Culturally Nutritious meals for Black Trans people

Show Notes

Paige Elson – This is a Moment podcastTwitterInstagram
Conner McCabe – Twittertwitch.tv/conziscool69
Produced by Jeremy Schmidt – Video Games: a Comedy Show
Call Me By Your Game – Instagram – Twitter – YouTube
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