Ep.50 – Warcraft III with Reilly Smith

Look, we know that video games can help forge strong friendships in the fire and brimstone of pixels. We also know that without another bud that there’s nothing to forge. This all makes sense, right? On this episode Conner is joined by old video game buddy and father to Odeon.tv Reilly Smith to talk about Warcraft III from 2002.

Reilly and Conner start out by remembering how their friendship was codified by their mutual excitement for the recently announced Nintendo Switch back in 2016 and how they are certain the Switch commercial during the Falcons / Patriots Super Bowl turned the fate of the game itself. Reilly also discusses getting consumed by Warcraft III and becoming a part of the Wuffle clan, talks about the RTS aspects of this game that made it addicting, and how despite the re-release being a disappointment it was not able to taint the legacy of the original.

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