Ep.44 – FIFA 06: Road to the World Cup with Leonard Smith Jr.

FUTBOLLLLLLLLLLLL! Finally, we get a traditional sports game episode that isn’t something our host forces on the show. This is all thanks to one of the best improvisers in LA and offensive coordinator of our hearts, Leonard Smith Jr. He joins the show to talk to Conner about FIFA 06: Road to the World Cup.

On this episode Leonard tells us of how this game kicked off a relationship for him with the FIFA franchise, how he and his roommate now both hop around teams but have different approaches to controlling said teams, and how he never played the World Cup mode but was able to develop a love for this game by playing with his roommate at the time. Sorry about the technical issues in this episode. Thankfully because we had Leonard guest it still turned out great. Stay safe out there everyone.

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Show Notes

Leonard Smith Jr. – Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Film vs Film podcast, Lemmon Pepper Wet LA
Conner McCabe – @conner_mccabe (twitter/insta), twitch.tv/conziscool69
Produced by Jeremy Schmidt – Video Games: a Comedy Show
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